Wednesday, January 2, 2019

About the Blog!

A little bit about me...

I am an ex-Muslim atheist from the UK, I talk about leaving religion on my Twitter page (@saffdotcom) in order to raise awareness of apostasy laws, where leaving the religion of Islam is breaking the law and carries a death sentence 13 countries. I also discuss leaving Islam on a podcast I co-founded and host, The Sinning Skeptics. Through this my team and I discuss various topics in Islam and the consequences and effects of leaving the religion, inviting young ex-Muslims on to discuss their experience with leaving Islam.

I have also recently graduated with a degree in American Studies and History, and aspiring to be a journalist, which leads me to my upcoming masters of International Journalism.

The style of journalism, or news journalism I am particularly interested in is political and human rights journalism, in the cases of apostasy and women's rights in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, which will be the focus of this blog. Alongside, anything in the news that takes my interest.

Besides, the formalities of my studies, I am a huge film fanatic and love baking purely to satisfy my sweet tooth!

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